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Both your mom and your family see your sweet 16 (Quinceañera in Latin America)as the first step of becoming a woman, but we know that for you is something more than that; is the opportunity to show them and your friends who you are, your true personality. Either you want your Sweet XVI celebration in pastel pink or wear a red and black dress; we will listen carefully to you and we will present to you and your parents something completely designed to fit your personality. We want you as well as your family and friends to see the reflection of what you are becoming in that beautiful party.

You, mommy; you know your daughter is changing and yet, she still has the innocence of a child with a great desire to grow and be her own woman, you also want her to keep shining and to show her own personality. Floreser Eventos has for both of you and your guest the event that will discover her true self and that will create the magic that you long to feel. Good communication and all together with elements like crystals, pens, large format photography, fabrics, centerpieces of different sizes, materials, colors, themes,… are very important to accomplish our job creating, planning and designing that special day.

Since its inception, Floreser Eventos has been dedicated to the Design, Decoration and Production of all kinds of events. The Planning and Managing of events is a service that we also offer to our clients. This service was added a few years ago to the company portfolio, after seeing customers stressed out with all the work and details of their event, this apart from their day to day tasks. Implementing the planning and coordination service has made us see the difference between a customer anxious and nervous and customer relaxed and calm who sees all the preparations going well and on time.

We value time and we know you too, so at the end the cost of an Event Planner is very little and you will be free of all the stress and fatigue that comes with the planning of a party; also a coordinator knows the business of the events very well and it will advise you about supplier service prices so you won’t pay more than what is established in the market. An Event Coordinator will save you money and will provide you with better services.

Here is the list of steps to plan and manage one of the happiest days for a woman; just remember that we will always be willing to serve you and save you all the time and stress that takes to do it yourself. We assure you that you will have the event you want; it will look perfect and completely personalized. We are willing to help you, but if you decide to handle the whole event by yourself and you just want us to convert the place that you already chose into something fabulous, we can do it for you. Believe us, we are experts in transforming spaces and making them look beautiful.



• Determine the date, day, and time.

(Note: take into consideration when choosing your day, that two weeks prior to dates such as San Valentin, Mother’s Day and other special dates, the cost of flowers, staff and locations will increase from two to four times more).

• Define whether there will be a mass or blessing.

• Decide place of the ceremony

• Define how many guests you will have for the party.

• Define the venue for the event.

• Define the duration of the event.

• Define the theme (in case you want a thematic event).

• Define a budget for the entire event.

• Send invitations to print

• Send invitations 4-6 weeks prior to the date.

• Confirm attendance - This will prevent you from paying for people who will not attend the event.

• Decide if you will have sponsors for services (If you have a coordinator, it is important that you let the sponsors know that you have a company that will provide the services for everything, this will avoid headaches with providers who do not have the experience necessary for your event. You will only have to inform the planner the sponsor’s budget for each service and we take care of it getting the right provider for the money).

• Determine what table decoration you want (Flowers Events).

• Traditions to be implemented in the event (last toy, waltz, etc ...)

• Buy the dress or dresses for the Quinceañera

• Get suppliers for: Banquet (make sure that the waiters are not chatting during work hours, this leads to disregarding the tables), Photography, Decoration (Floreser Eventos), Centerpieces (Floreser Eventos), Church Decoration (Floreser Eventos ), Bouquets (Floreser Eventos), Music, Entertainment, Choreographer, Furniture, Baker, Table of Sweets, Liquor (advise on quantity and be aware that waiters are not drinking alcohol)

• Plan the day's activities.

• Decide number of chambelanes and dances.

• Decide days of choreographer training.

• Menu plan

• Find a place to rent the chambelanes’ costumes.

• Define party style

• Table Map

• Guest sitting map

• Search hotels for out-of-state guests.

• Choose / Buy party favors

• Plan transportation for people who need special care (Grand Parents, Aunts, Elderlies)

• Define cost for room cleanup after event.

There are other steps depending on the wishes of the Quinceañera and her parents. For more information our Designers, Coordinators, Photographers, DJ's, and our entire team is eager to meet you, so do not wait any longer and call us for an appointment (Whatsapp) + 52 1 55 2750 8463

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