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Baptism is not only an occasion celebrated on a religious level, but also it is a very cultural occasion. For you mommi and daddy this is the first time you present your child to society and its paradigms, this situation may causes you to generate lots of extra stress because how to know where to begin?, what can you do to fulfill both yours and your guests expectations?. At Floreser Eventos we are specialists in reducing that nervousness and anxiety. We will take care of your entire event, from guiding you about the necessary documentation in the place you want to have the ceremony or even find that place, to getting the perfect venue for the event and its suppliers.

Floreser Events from the beginning has been dedicated to the Design, Decoration and Production of all kinds of events, the planning came after seeing our clients stressed for so many different things and details they were handling, so we decided to implement our services and stop that worrying in our customers taking care of even the smallest details. But, if you are willing to do all the planning work yourself we can help you with only the decoration of the event, So if you want us to convert the venue you already chose into something fabulous, we can do it for you. Believe it, we are experts in transforming spaces and making them look beautiful.

Next we will give you the list of the steps to follow for the planning of the baptism of your baby; just remember we will always be willing to serve you and save you all the time and stress that it takes to do it yourself. We assure you that you will have the event personalized just the way you want it, so it looks perfect for you, your family and friends.

We hope you count on us and make us part of this great celebration.




• Find Godparents

• Find the location for the ceremony

• Request requirements for that ceremony site.

• Confirm the day of the baptism

• Set number of guests

• Find the venue of the event

• Make a guest list

• Make and send invitations (send them at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance)

• Call to make confirmations of attendance (important so that you only pay for those who will attend).

• Decide which family traditions you want to follow and perform at the event.

• Find the baby’s outfit

• Find accessories for christening (crosses, candles, souvenirs, etc ...)

• Find providers of photography, video, banquet, furniture, decoration (Floreser Eventos), centerpieces (Floreser Eventos), cake, sweets, desserts, music, entertainment, brincolines, among others ...


For more information about Floreser Eventos México services, please call us for an appointment at 55 2750 8463 (WhatsApp) or send us an email with your information to

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