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Wedding Planner

Do you have an idea of what you want, but you don´t know how to make it a reality? Or perhaps you desire something beautiful and unique, but you don´t know where to begin? 

Our job as Designers/Producers is to connect with you, so we can understand exactly what you want and present to you ideas that will fulfill your expectations. 


Steps to design your event: 

  1. We will meet with you in person or have a video conference to discuss your needs and listen to your ideas.
  2. Shortly after, we will present you with an initial concept.
  3. Upon concept agreement, we will sign a contract. 
  4. In a follow-up meeting, we will present you with a comprehensive concept including theme, flower decorations, colors, lighting, décor, etc… 


We are proud to be one of the few Event Planning companies in Mexico with the INTERNATIONAL EVENT DESIGN CERTIFICATION, so, please contact us, leave everything in our hands and feel the full joy of your celebration. For more information go to or, please feel free to call/WhatsApp +52 1 55 2750 8463 we will be very happy to assist you.


Wedding Planner

With only 4 years in the Mexican market our list includes clients like 5 stars hotels, gardens, haciendas and brides in the 50% of the republic.

90% of our clients are referred by previous clients or people involved in the experience of events already done, which gives us the certainty that we are doing our work well and we know that you will be very satisfied; So CALL US! We will be glad to serve you.

Event and Wedding Designer

All the Floreser team of professionals will develop for your event a concept that goes beyond the borders of the imagination. On the day of your event we will take you and your guests to wonder how only an idea or concept was formed and to enjoy a beautiful experience that will stay in their mind for years to come. 

Wedding Planner
Event and Wedding Designer

We will be happy to talk to you. 

We serve the entire State of Mexico, 

Morelos, Mexico City, Querétaro, Puebla, Guerrero.  

For other states please contact us directly. 



Cel/Whatsapp: 5527508463
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