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Are you the kind of woman who always dreamed of her wedding since you were a little girl? Or maybe you're a modern bride who will like a destination wedding in an exotic place? or you just don´t like traditional and you want to have something different a unique celebration that all your guest will remember? Whatever the idea you have or even if you do not have one, we will help you to plan, create, produce and decorate it. We are a team of professionals who work together to contribute ideas and achieve the magic that you want to feel on that special day.

Since its inception, our company has been dedicated to the Design, Decoration and Production of all kinds of events. The Planning and Managing are services added to the company’s portfolio a few years ago after seeing customers stressed out with all the work and details of their event, this apart from their day to day tasks. Implementing the planning and coordination service has made us see the difference between a customer anxious and nervous and customer relaxed and calm who sees all the preparations going according to plan. If you still decide that you want to plan the wedding yourself, and you want us to convert the place that you have already chosen into something fabulous, we will do it for you. Believe us, we are experts in transforming spaces and making them look beautiful.

We value everyone’s time and we know you do too, therefore with every detail that entails the planning of an event, at the end the cost of an Event Planner is very little and you will be free of all the stress and fatigue that comes with it. Also, a Coordinator knows the business of the events very well and it will advise you about supplier service prices that way you won’t pay more than what is established in the market. An Event Coordinator will save you money and will provide you with better services.


• Decide the date and time of civil marriage. (If it is not the same day as the religious ceremony).

• If it is not the same day of the religious wedding: Are you having a party that day? Where? How many guests? Budget? Outfits for both of you.

• Find the civil registry for the wedding.

• Ask for requirements in that registry. Minimum 3 months before.

(Note: take into consideration when choosing your day, that two weeks prior to dates such as San Valentin, Mother’s Day and other special dates, the cost of flowers, staff and locations will increase from two to four times more).

• Define the place for the religious ceremony (if you are having one).

• Schedule a photo session prior to the wedding.

• Decide on:

a) Number of guests

b) Location for the event

(c) Are your guest´s kids invited to the wedding as well?

d) Color Palette for the whole event

e) Number of bridesmaid

f) Number of Groomsmen

f) Bridesmaid’s dresses

g) Hotel / Place to stay day before and day of the wedding.

h) Duration of the event

i) Theme (in case of wanting to have a thematic event).

j) Budget for the whole event. (A Wedding Planner can help you no to exceed your budget).


• Get supplier for:

a) Church Music

b) Invitations and Tickets.

c) Valet Parking

d) Banquet: Make sure waiters are not chatting or drinking alcohol during work hours, this leads to delays on the service of your guest.

e) Cocktail

f) Hostesses / Hostesses

g) Photography

h) Video

i) Church Decoration (Floreser Eventos)

j) Venue Decoration (Floreser Eventos)

k) Flower Centerpieces (Floreser Eventos)

l) Bride bouquets (Having 3 bridal bouquets is the tradition in Mexico) (Floreser Eventos).

m) Bouquets for the Bridesmaids (Floreser Eventos)

n) Boutonnieres for Groom, father of the Bride and father of the Groom – Brothers?(Floreser Eventos).

o) Music (Strings? DJ? Mexican Band? Band? Mariachi?)

p) Souvenirs

q) Power Plant (Super important)

r) Furniture

s) Nannies

t) Entertainment for the children invited

u) Cake

v) Sweets Table

w) Cheese Table

x) Liquor (Get advise on the quantities need it, so that you are not short or buy too much).

y) Bridal Car

z) Staff for the bathrooms

aa) Flower arrangements for bathrooms

bb) Shots Cart

cc) Tornaboda (Mexican tradition to offer Tacos or Chilaquiles or Mexican Antojitos after 1 am).



• To buy:


a) Wedding dress

b) Groom's suit

c) Bridal accessories

d) Garter Belt

e) Wedding nightwear

f) Emergency kit for bathrooms

g) Emergency kit for the bride

h) Wedding souvenirs


• Send invitations 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding if your guests are from nearby areas. If they are from other states or from abroad, invitations must be sent at least 6 months in advance.

• Confirm attendance - This will prevent you from paying for people who will not attend the event.

• Decide if you will have godparents for services (It’ is a very common tradition in Mexico that couples have godparents to help them pay for the wedding). If you have a Coordinator, it is important that you let the sponsors know that you have a company that will provide all the services, this could avoid headaches with providers who do not have the necessary experience for the event. You just inform the Planner their budget for each service and he/she will be in charge of meeting with the right provider).

•Meet with Wedding Designer and Banquet to choose the linens for the tables. (Floreser Eventos).

• Decide the menu for the wedding.

• Make an appointment to try the menu.

• Make sure the dress fits propertly.

• Traditions to be implemented in the event (Mexican Traditions: The dance of the Viper of the Sea (Vibora de la Mar), The Golden Horse (Caballo Dorado), the garter, the bouquet, the tie ...)

• Plan the day's activities.

• Decide number of dances (First dance as husband and wife, dance with parents, grandparents, siblings, godparents?)

• Find a place to rent outfits for parents / siblings (if needed)

• Define the style of those outfits

• Table Map

• Guest Sitting Chart

• Search hotels for out-of-state guests

. Plan transportation for people who need special care (Grand Parents, Aunts, Elderlies)

• Define cost for room cleanup after event.

There are other steps to follow depending on the wishes of Bride and Groom. For more information our Designers, Coordinators, Photographers, DJ's, and our entire team is eager to meet you and help you, so do not wait any longer and call us for an appointment (Whatsapp) + 52 1 55 2750 8463

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