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My name is Mariluz Register I am Colombo-American with great love for Mexico where I currently live and render my services as a Wedding Designer and Wedding Planner Mexico. I have had the great opportunity to travel through much of the world where I have acquired a broad knowledge of the different cultures and styles, which has opened my mind and given a great boost to my creativity.  

In the year 2017, I got certified for the Special Events Council of New York as an International Events Designer. I got the certification in order to provide the best possible service to our clients, also to perfect my design skills to generate unique events, with avant-garde techniques and styles that will give the WOW factor to your wedding or sweet sixteen.

As head and creator of the Floreser team I have focused on bringing together top-flight talent that encompasses all the areas related to event production. Our group of professionals handles all aspects of your event in the location you require, allowing you to host and enjoy the occasion. So if you have an idea or ideas and you do not know how to give them life or carry them out, please contact me directly by phone/Whatsapp at +52 1 552.750.8463 / +52 1 722.600.6139 for an appointment. Together we will make that idea come true

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